Social Responsibility

  1. According to the text, social responsibility is the concept that communicates a commitment to live in ways that are personally and globally ethical and caring. It means being personally invested in the well-being of others and the well-being of the planet (190). To me, I think it takes courage to teach social responsibility because you are attempting to inform people about the actions they need to take in order to not only better themselves but the planet and society as whole and sometimes people don’t always want to listen to that.
  2. I think that the two most important processes are the first (nurturant and caring environment) and the last (confrontations with injustice and the development of effective ways of handling conflict situations). I feel that when people are nurtured and cared for they will be able to accept each other more and love each other more strongly, so that hopefully it may rid of that need to be confrontational. In the event that there is still a need to be confrontational I think it’s important for students to understand how to deal with the confrontation effectively, in that they are getting their point across and the issue is resolved peacefully.
  3. I believe that different people have different values based on where they grew up. Things like language, culture, and religion can truly influence what one believes is right and wrong. For example, some cultures believe it is wrong to eat pork or beef, while others eat these things daily. I also believe that experiences play into a large part of why people act differently. Depending on life experiences that some may have, they may disagree on how people should value different things in life. Some people may have stronger values than others, solely based on how people have treated them throughout their lives. People disagree about values all of the time, especially when it comes to political parties, hence why in the United States we have more than one political party that represents the nation. I think it is important to harness all of these different beliefs and come up with a common idea of core important values. I think it is important to include everyone because everyone brings something important to the table.
  4. To me, being moral in a descriptive sense means to do the best you can to be the best person you can. Do your best to decide between wrong and right. Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy to do. Too often in our society we get caught up in lying, gossiping, cheating and stealing, even when we know this is morally wrong to do. We cheat our way to the top, we steal the spotlight off of someone else, we lie and scheme to undercut someone, and then we gossip about how we did it. Too often we judge other people when we have no right to judge them. We do not understand their lifestyle or the issues they may be dealing with. Too often we stab friends in the back, in order to lift ourselves up or make our worlds easier. We do whatever we can to make ourselves look and feel better, even though this may not always be the morally correct choice. What may seem like a moral right choice at the time may not be one in the end.

I think in a perfect world, being moral in a normative sense would mean that there would be no lying, cheating, stealing, gossiping, killing, stabbing in the back… etc. People would purposefully hurt one another. We wouldn’t discriminate one another or leave one another out based on the color of our skin, religion, etc. In a perfect world, we would live together in peace and harmony. We would love and care for one another and always look out for one another, no matter what the choices may do for ourselves. We would put our loved ones needs above ours and do whatever necessary to always make them feel loved. We wouldn’t neglect taking care of ourselves or those we love. In a normative sense, being moral to me means to accept your neighbor for who they are and to give back when you can.


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