Using Textbooks for Lesson Planning

I feel that there are many different strengths to using a textbook for lessons. According to the article by Roberts, he states four reasons why he feels that using textbooks are important. First, Roberts says that textbooks offer the most straightforward information on the content being studied, to which I agree because unlike teaching off of one’s own notes, there are no biases. Second, textbooks are accessible, which may be easier for some students whom may not have internet or other means of studying/understanding their lesson, had they not had a textbook. Third, many textbooks align with state standards, which not only allows the teacher to make sure that they are teaching the correct material, it allows them to hold themselves to these standards and content. Lastly, Roberts says that many of today’s textbooks offer information on women, minorities, different religions, etc that textbooks of the past did not use to offer.

An interesting standard that I found comes from the Michigan standards: “Analyze the changes in American life brought about by US participation in in WWII”and my interesting question would be, how would you have survived life in America during WWII? What changes were brought to the lives of those who lived during that time?


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