Reflection On Werner

“There is more to reading than initially meets the eye”, is the first quote that catches my eye in Werner’s article. Being an avid reader for as long as I can remember, I understand and support this quote more than I know. I believe that reading can not only make you more knowledgeable but it also increases your ability to imagine different worlds around you, whether they may be make believe or real. When I think of all of the figures that have made history, men and women like Eleanor Roosevelt, FDR, Einstein, Princess Diana, Martin Luther King Jr., I imagine all of these men and women being well-read not only on the issues occurring at the time, but of all the history that had come before them.

I think that reading is a form of citizenship, because in the United States you are free to read whatever book or social media you like, as well as being able to state how you feel for other people to read. Freedom of speech is a given right to us by the Constitution, which applies to United States citizens. Not only are we free to express our opinions on any and all matters, but other people are allowed to read these opinions, whether they are stated in books, tweets, Facebook posts, or other sources of media.

Reading opens the door to learn more about the past of the US and the rest of the world as well as learning about what may be to come. In slave times, slaves were not taught to read or write, because slave owners were often afraid that if the slaves learned to read and write, they would rise up in revolt, or learn how to escape. This action alone demonstrates that reading and being well-read gives you power. Simply, look at all of the powerful and influential well-read people that have graced our nation.


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