ELL – Grouping Configurations

A major issue of teaching ELL in a classroom, is not only reaching the students who may have a language barrier, but also effectively teaching your English speaking students. You do not want to hinder either side’s learning, while trying to enhance the other. I think it is important to use a variety of groups when it comes to pressing topics/vocabulary/ or comprehending a lesson.

Flexible small groups allow the ELL to grasp a more firm understanding of the lesson, while not being alienated in front of the whole class. It also allows them to build bonds with their fellow classmates in their group, by becoming more comfortable asking those members questions. Whole group discussion is also effective, because it allows the whole class to contribute questions/thoughts/ ideas to the discussion without making anyone person feel picked on or singled out. Whole group discussion allows those difficult questions to be asked, that other ELL students may have but are too nervous to ask out loud.


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