Changing The World

As we come to the end of a harrowing election, it is with hope that I look to our country and it’s citizens to actively change our nation. As a citizen and woman of this country, it has been so disheartening to hear of the acts of violence and assault that have happened nation-wide following the results of the election. Locations of violence have ranged far and wide from elementary and middle schools to college campuses and every day life across the country. As a lover of all people of different shapes, sizes, colors, ethnicities, religions, genders.. etc, I would truly love to see our citizens accept their neighbor and love them no matter what color or creed. I believe that there is truly good in most people, and I believe that a lot of the hate that has risen in our nation, stems from fear.

I believe, as a nation, instead of fearing those who are different from us, it is more important to instead closely examine those cultures that are different from us. Attempt to understand who the citizens of our nation are, and where they come from. I believe that if we were able to actually do this, our nation would be more accepting of those that are different from us. I would love to see our citizens accept and genuinely love those that have immigrated to the U.S., instead of fearing them and spreading that hatred.

As a future educator, I think it is important to teach our students the differences between cultures and point out specific factors that highlight each culture and truly make them special. As a teacher, I would love to have each student come in with specific cultures that they would like to learn more about and then have the students spend time in class researching these different cultures and presenting what they have found to the class. Often times, fear stems from not knowing or not understanding the fear… so I think if you combat that with allowing students to educate and understand their fears, they will be more willing to accept those around them.


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