Speaker Response

  1. In my micro-lesson, I taught the Southern colonies and touched on how/why slavery got started in the South. In response to Eve Tuck’s talk and the various articles that we have read in class, I believe I could have acknowledged the “smaller voices” like those of the slaves. I could have explained more about what the slaves went through in the slave trade en route from Africa to North America. I could have used pictures of the conditions that the slaves endured on the boats that brought them over to North America and even showed pictures of the boats themselves, in order to really bring home the ideas of how awful the slave trade was, speaking in a “smaller voice”. I could have also found primary sources that gave personal accounts about the slave trade, in order to really give the slaves a voice to speak for themselves in my own lesson.
  2. I think to battle the “continued disavowal”, it is important to highlight that what the colonists and whites did to these slaves and Native Americans was wrong, right off the bat. It’s important to discuss what slavery and the extermination of the Native Americans stole from these peoples, such as their human rights, land, etc. I think after explaining these ideas, I would have explained how the slaves and Native Americans fought battles against their slave owners and even explain how many of them tried to jump ship on the route from Africa to North America. It is important to teach all students, that these peoples did not give up and constantly fought battle after battle, no matter the consequences.

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