Response to Lintner

  1. Critical Race Theory is a set of basic principles that focuses on the ideas that racism is timeless, social justice and the eradication of racial subjugation, promotion of experiential knowledge of women and people of color as legitimate as well as challenging constructed ideologies of objectivity and racial sensitivity.
  2. Formal curriculum typically portrays Native Americans as being “frozen in time; that is, wearing costumes… war paint, with bow and arrow” almost as if they are savages. Curriculum also typically portrays “African Americans with stereotypical images that display inferior abilities of African Americans.”
  3. According to the text, the dominant means through textbooks. The text states that “textbooks define and determine what is important in American history and dictates “what is to be taught”. Most of what students learn and know about cultural differences comes from “what they read in school”.
  4. Education can promote personal awareness of biases by creating an environment where teachers, parents, staff and students have to check their biases at the door before entering a classroom in order to prepare to properly learn. Education allows one to re-examine their biases and understand where they have learned those biases for example they may be learned from “personal perceptions, textbook presentation, and media portrayal. After understanding where one has picked up these biases, one can re-address the issue as to how they can personally diffuse these biases.

Education allows teachers to learn from their students and staff, about different cultures and different lifestyles. By clearing the mind of biases, it will allow a teacher to efficiently teach and learn from their students. Education promotes these ideas of awareness personal biases, because as time goes on, a teacher may be quick to unfairly judge a student based on their culture and language and if a teacher does not have these biases… hopefully there will be no judgement of a student. Awareness of personal biases, allows a history teacher to remove these biases, and simply teach the facts to the students, based on just the simple facts.



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