Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan: lesson-plan-political-spectrum

Hook: mini-lesson-political-spectrum

Lesson/Group Work: quotes-mini-lesson-political-spectrum




As I began to revise my lesson plan, I realized I was actually impressed with how my plan had turned out. Being it was my first “lesson plan”, it was great to see everything come together, given how last minute it was. I’m happy with how my lesson plan turned out on paper. Thinking back to my execution of the lesson, there are definitely some things that I would change. I would be more confident in my lesson, but I understand that that comes with time. I would probably approach the lesson more calmly, as I was also super nervous to execute my lesson.

I know that with time, comes confidence and grace in executing the actual lesson. I feel that I was able to come up with a good idea for my lesson and felt that I was creative in how I presented the lesson and ideas. My lesson did not last the entire fifteen minutes, but this was mostly due to only having three students participating in the lesson instead of twenty to thirty. Overall, I think that the actual point and structure of the lesson was designed and gotten across well and I believe that I could have worked on stretching my time as well as my confidence level for this lesson.


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